My Breastfeeding Stories

My Breastfeeding Stories – Re-Load!

I believe now that some mothers are just not made to breastfeed. I think I am one of them. Don’t get me wrong, I totally extol the benefits of breastfeeding that’s why I nearly killed myself twice over trying to breastfeed my two children, but in the end God always knows best and the benefits of formula feeding them have outweighed the benefits of breastfeeding them for my situations. I still miss seeing their beautiful faces relaxed and nursing well, and I am thankful for having had the chance, though short to nurse them. I want to share my stories with mothers to encourage those who are struggling to take heart, and do what’s best for you and your family. Motherhood is much more than being a pair of boobs. And for those who find it comes so naturally, be thankful! 🙂

My first attempt at breastfeeding my first child 4.5 years ago was fraught difficulties from the start, dipping me in major depression for the first month or two. When I finally decided to partial breastfeed and formula feed her from the 2nd month, only then did she start thriving and was such a joy to be with. You can read the full story HERE

My second attempt at breastfeeding came last Oct when I had my 2nd daughter. I was looking forward to getting it right this time and made sure I learnt from all my previous mistakes. Little did I know that things do not operate in a “ceteris parabus” universe. Not all factors remain constant. My little baby was a totally different character and had a totally different feeding pattern and temperament from my older child. That and because the older child is also around, added more unstable factors into the equation of breastfeeding. I chronicle our tumultuous breastfeeding relationship that spiraled to a halt in her 5th month HERE

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